Indian Consul receives resignation notice

Durban: Senthil Narsigan who chaired the The Overseas Indian Youth Club of South Africa ( OIYC-SA ) resigned yesterday in protest against the unfair language policy practise of the Indian Consular offices in Durban.

In his letter which was submitted to the facilitator board of the organisation headed by the Indian government to foster relations amongst NRI youth, he outlined his personal dissatisfaction against the matter that has headlined in SA and overseas.

The letter also shared that some of the Hindi speaking members of this youth organisation are in agreement and are also planning to resign from the OIYC in protest to support the unfair language policy.

I have youth within the OIYC –SA that are Hindi speaking and are willing to resign from their posts as well as they are also against this inequity, this is the calibre of youth that have been raised in our democracy, youth that can discern between right and wrong irrespective if it relates to them or not. It makes me proud to know that I worked side by side with these individuals who truly believe in democracy and equality. Read Mr Narsigan’s full letter by clicking on the link here – Resignation of Senthil Narsigan as Chairman of the Overseas Indian Youth Club of South Africa

It seems that the Rhodes statue of India right in the heart of Durban,  is the language policy which the SA Indian community believes needs to be rectified.

To date, the Indian Consul-General’s office has not met the deadline to provide feedback from their submission to their Delhi headquarters nor has the South African Tamil Federation or any other organisation been able to provide feedback on the issue since the debacle reached high tension levels on LotusFM #Newsbreak debate listen to podcast..

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