SA Indians bare their sex stories in letters

paige nickIf there is one Sunday columnist that inspired the shock and awe on one’s face, it would have to be Paige Nick (@paigen).

She has produced hundreds of hilarious columns and received hundreds more hilarious responses. Pens Behaving Badly is a collection of the best of her columns and the best of the wild letters they’ve inspired.

A few days ago one of her fans who, an SA Indian received a shocking email which we are letting you read with permission of course.

Pens behaving badly

How it all started: So it started off on a crispy Sunday morning, I purchased my print edition of the Sunday Times at Exclusive Books as I never missed reading the #STLifestyle section, particularly Paige Nick’s column of A Million Miles from Normal.

I sat at my regular coffee shop at Nelson Mandela Square and took in the shock of her latest column which also led me to sharing some personal sexual experiences that related to her latest quirky sex related article. You see, there are personalities you can connect with, relate with and it is sometimes quite scary that Paige could have actually been in the same room where those carnal acts have been enacted – with a pen & notebook scribbling in every moment. But I had to connect with her and it was one letter that shed out years of sexual acts that crossed over continents during my early 20’s that I laid bare to her.

At that moment, Paige was located at some departure lounge of some airport who responded with just this. “You are a f*cking SCREAM”,

So taking that into account, I must tell you this. Her latest book, Pens Behaving Badly is a f*cking scream. And I would urge you to watch your bookstores, Kobo or Kindles for the release of this amazing read. This might just be your next voyeuristic experience and your bedside companion however this will definitely not let you go to sleep. Get your copy now.

Paige Nick has been a copywriter in advertising for 20 years, working on brands like Allan Gray,, Santam, BMW, Nashua, Cosmopolitan and Levi’s. Her first novel, A Million Miles From Normal, was published by Penguin in 2010, and her follow-up, This Way Up, also by Penguin in 2011. In 2013, A Girl Walks Into A Bar – a “choose your own adventure” erotic novel was published, catapulting the authors – Paige Nick, Sarah Lotz and Helen Moffett – onto the international stage. Paige currently divides her time between South Africa, the UK and the US.

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