#EatOut: When in New York visit #Madiba

The next time you are in New York city, why not pop in to the #MadibaRestaurant for a taste of all things South African.

#madibarestaurant new york

The Fort Greene restaurant named for the anti-apartheid, Nobel Prize-winning leader who died at age 95 has been a gathering spot for South Africans since it opened in 1999. So, it was a natural location for New Yorkers to gather, sing songs and reflect on Mandela’s legacy.

“After 30 seconds, I ran here,” said Burneikis. “I think [Mandela] is one of the greatest men to ever walk the earth.”

Denis Du Preez, 37, the general manager of Madiba and brother of the owner, said the restaurant is named after Mandela’s clan name to honor “his messages of love and unity.”

“We came from a white family. Thank God our parents didn’t see right and wrong in color. They saw we all bleed red,” he said. “Nelson Mandela validated that for the rest of the country.”

Mandela felt a strong kinship with the people of New York and came to the city during a world tour after spending 27 years in a South African prison for opposing the white government’s brutally-enforced segregation policy.

The menu at #MadibaRestaurant boasts a variety of proudly South African foods including

  • Amagwinya / Vetkoek | fried sourdough filled with savory ground beef and a mango chutney. yum.
  • Boerewors Roll | South African farmer’s herbed beef sausage with tomato and onion gravy on a hot dog roll, served with small greens

  • Bushman Breakfast | two farmer’s eggs any style, boerewors (sausage), grilled tomato, mushrooms and bacon, and two slices of toast

  • Curried Frikkadels | South African meatballs served with Chakalaka


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