#Bollywood actress commits suicide

An Indian actress has commited suicide due to social pressure caused by her lesbian relationship with another actress.

Disha Ganguly, 23, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at her home in Kolkata, Bengal state on 9 April.

No suicide note was found but police recovered her phone and diary.

‘A few months back, this actress friend of Ganguly, started staying at her apartment,’ an officer told dna newspaper.

‘Soon, Ganguly’s mother arrived from Nairobi (where her parents reside) and objected to their relationship. Her mother even got her friend to move out of the apartment.’

When Ganguly’s girlfriend, Suchandra Banerjee, 27, learnt of her suicide, she threw herself in front of a train. But she was saved and taken to hospital.

Ganguly was already in a relationship with actor Vivaan Ghosh when she started with the actress.

In the 24 hours before her suicide, she a attended cricket match with him and transferred Rs 50,000 (US$795) to Banerjee.

Ganguly was under intense pressure from her family to marry Ghosh and industry sources said he and Banerjee had fought over her a few days prirot to her death.

‘Police reports suggest that the TV actress was drawn into a situation where she battling pressure from her parents, her boyfriend and girlfriend,’ dna reports.

‘Eventually, she gave in to death.’

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