bollywood actress nude video

Bollywood actress nude video leaked

According to a Bombay Times report, Anurag Kashyap is not only angry but also feels responsible for the viral video of Radhika Apte, showing her frontal nude from below. The video was a snippet of a short film directed by Anurag for the international market.

A few seconds of the 20-minute film was taken out, put up online and was being forwarded on WhatsApp. Anurag has been quoted in the report as saying that his film was inspired from a true story and that it was very difficult to make it due to this little sequence in the film of a few seconds that involves the actress to lift her dress and expose herself.

He further added that it had taken them much time to do it in a non-sexual way and that the entire shooting crew was constituted of women. Even while the footage was in post-production, the shot was pixelated. The leak only happened once the footage was delivered to New York. Anurag suspects an Indian guy involved in the leak and reasons that much more secual content is available in West and something like this does not get them excited.

Sources: TOI / Youtube

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