Turkish Kolaveri di Coca Cola ad going viral

The hit South Indian song Kolaveri Di has been reinvented for a Turkish Coca-Cola commercial.

First of all, the music arrangement is absolutely zingy and young. It’s not the Kolaveri Di you sing out of tune after a few drinks, it’s a version that compels you to bust a few dance moves, with or without alcohol. And if you are the very unimaginative kind of dancer, the video also works as a helpful guide to burning the dance floor.

Secondly, gosh, the styling! The song nails the beach style and how! Men should seriously consider this video as the bible of what to wear to beaches. No shorts with coconut tree prints, please!

Finally, how hot are these men? From the slightly older man, also the lead character in the video, in his buttoned down white shirt, to that definition of male gorgeousness in a pink shirt, this is definitely the better looking Kolaveri Di!

The female lead dancer in denim shorts and a red shirt, shows how super sexy can be achieved without an inch of cleavage on show. And yay, there are lines sung by a girl in the song too!

Watch it here now!

Why This Kolaveri Di” is a Tamil song from the soundtrack of the 2012 Tamil psychological thriller film, 3. The song is written and sung by Dhanush, the movie is directed by his wife, Aishwarya R. Dhanush, and the music is directed and composed by Anirudh Ravichander, cousin of Aishwarya.

The song was officially released on 16 November 2011 and instantly became viral on social networking sites for its quirky “Tanglish” soon the song became the most searched YouTube video in India and an internet phenomenon across Asia.Within a few weeks, YouTube honoured the video with a ‘”Recently Most Popular” Gold Medal award and “Trending” silver medal award for receiving a large number of hits in a short time.

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