indian teen street fight
Victims’ grief struck father Mohammed Dastagir (right) and mother Ms. Shabana (left) showing his photographs after filing their complaint. (Photo: DC)

WATCH: Indian teen dies in WWE-style street fight with biryani as prize

Hyderabad: High on the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao match, a street fight organized by a group of youth with a packet of biryani being the coveted prize for the winner turned into a serious bout resulting in the death of an Intermediate student at Mir Chowk. The fight took place on May 3, but until Sunday the boy’s parents were kept in the dark about the actual cause of their son’s death as they were misled into believing that he had died in a road accident.

At around 11 pm on May 2, Ms Shabana Begum was preparing to retire for the day when her son Nabeel left the house stating that he was going to meet his friends.

That was the last time she saw her son alive. “He went out on most nights after his Intermediate classes finished. I was expecting him to be back by early morning,” said a distressed Ms Shabana. “He was our only son and was to be our sole breadwinner,” she said, adding that no mother in the world should have such a fate.

Since Nabeel’s father, Mr Mohammed Dastagir, had been ailing, he was supposed to take up a job in Dubai and look after the family. Nabeel had three elder sisters. His father Mr Dastagir, who works in Dubai, had planned to take Nabeel after Ramzan.

The friends of Mohammed Nabeel, who was killed in a WWF-style fight, had meticulously planned to conceal the evidence about the fight and convince his family that his death was an accident. They told the family that Nabeel had tried to do a bike stunt and suffered fits. One of them, Omar Beig, even told Nabeel’s family not to report the incident to the police since Nabeel was a minor and it was illegal to ride a bike without a licence.

The accused apparently also confronted Nabeel’s father, Mr Mohammed Dastagir, after he filed a police complaint, and threatened him. The accused were present at Nabeel’s house throughout, even after the funeral and tried to gauge whether the family became suspicious.

indian teen street fight
Victims’ grief struck father Mohammed Dastagir (right) and mother Ms. Shabana (left) showing his photographs after filing their complaint. (Photo: DC)

Over the last few days, they routinely gathered at one of their houses to discuss and make plans to eliminate doubts. On May 3, the family received call from the accused that Nabeel was hospitalised. “When I reached the hospital, they told me that Nabeel was trying to do a bike stunt, but he suddenly collapsed due to fits,” said Nabeel’s uncle

It was Mr Dastagir who found contradictions. His mother also noticed swelling and discoloration on his head.  Mr Dastagir confronted Omar after three days. “When I asked, he got angry, and asked me how many times should he explain the incident? One of them said Nabeel had started the bike and fell due to fits. Another said Nabeel tried to do a ‘stoppie’ and fell. Another said Nabeel was holding his chest as if he had a pain. I started having doubts,” he said. One of the friends even lied that they took him to his house and thrust keys.

Sources: TOI/DC

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