#African Nationals Share How They Are Treated In #India, And It’s Shameful

India: When Shah Rukh Khan was stopped at an airport in America, sentiment was expressed by Indian fans how racist the United States is, Anshul Gandhi comments that the same racist behaviour is how India’s citizens treat other nationals & they turn a blind eye to it. Racism in India is rampant and it is a fact.

This video explores the abuse and stigma that African nationals suffer in India and some of these horror stories will hang your head in shame. These experiences are an eye opener and we must take it upon ourselves to make foreigners at ease because our stares and preconceived notions are as harmful as a racist rant. As one of the person aptly puts it in the video ‘We are all one, forget the skin…’

Story by Anshul Gandhi | Photo: © Youtube (Main Image)


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