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Child abuse allegations at Benoni Tamil School Board

Benoni Tamil School BoardAllegations of child abuse at the Benoni Tamil School Board have been brought to light.  The Vice President of the Religious Affairs at the Benoni Tamil School Board,  Thiru Logan Pillay has been accused of abusing a child physically at the school premises.

Complaints from the parent were lodged with  the President of the SA Tamil Federation. This has been the third incident of physical abused that has been noted against this child that has been claimed.. Calls from the community of Benoni for the immediate removal of the accused, Mr Pillay from his position at the Benoni Tamil School Board.

The parent of the child in question also shared visuals of the seriousness of the abuse when she discovered that the child had received disciplining of such a serious nature.

The Benoni Tamil School Board hosted an emergency meeting to address the matter. The accused, Thiru Logan Pillay has apologised for the child being disciplined in such a manner.

What really happened? Upon further investigation, the matter has been resolved and the claims to abuse were clarified that he was not abusing any child.  A source close to the organisation had come forward to state,

“There was a group of children who were stealing from the temple. Those children were caught red handed by the officials. Mr Pillay is in possession of a statement/written letter from the parent stating that what the child did was wrong.”

A case of child abuse is reportedly to be opened with the authorities for further investigation.  A letter forwarded to the Indianspice News desk, highlighted the need for responsibility of the South African Tamil Federation and other organisations to protect the interests of the children first before any organisations reputation.

” As leaders of the community, we are the custodians of all children’s safety  irrespective of caste, gender, status, colour  – the fact that we represent religious and cultural organisations makes it of greater importance that we act appropriately and in the best interest of all kids.

We need to understand incidents of this nature and the damage it has caused to the Tamil Community – incidents like this if not dealt with properly could lead to more serious cases of abuse.

Whilst this may have been physical abuse – what mechanisms does the SATF have in place to ensure we avoid and/or prevent all/any sorts of abuse levelled against the innocent child.”

What does the South African Tamil Federation have to say?

A statement released regarding the incident highlighted the seriousness of the matter & the commitment of the Federation to ensure that the interests of children are placed first. The Secretary of the SA Tamil Federation stressed that the incident is very unfortunate and according to their actions the situation was handled and direct communication with the parent was initiated.

Attached is the response letter from South African Tamil Federation click on links

BTSB – Executive Meeting in Respect of incident at Eisteddfod Practice

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