Bollywood: Tanu Weds Manu

Background: In the year 2011, film-maker Anand Rai masterfully directed Kangana Ranaut and Madhavan in the romantic Tanu Weds Manu that went on to achieve critical and commercial success. He followed up with Ranjhanaa, another commercially successful movie and went on to announce a sequel to Tanu Weds Manu. Though there was once talk of the cast being replaced, the newer slicker venture marks the return of Ranaut and Madhavan

Story: The movie opens with a bang as 4 years after their marriage Tanu and Manu are seeking marriage counselling. The romance has fizzled and their relationship has been reduced to bitter squabbles and a decision to mutually separate. While the fiery and unpredictable Tanu heads home and reignites her old friendships and relationships, Manu is bowled over by a young athlete named Kusum, who bears a striking resemblance to Tanu.

Direction: This sequel is undoubtedly far more accomplished than the original as film-maker Rai plays with the novel concept of the couple that failed to live happily ever after. The story explodes quickly and sets in motion some crazy and colourful drama that unfolds keeping the entertainment level extremely high. While the final outcome is predictable, the second half is fabulous with romance, tears and laughter while ensuring the culture and tradition is kept strong in beautiful settings

Performances: Madhavan yet again delivers an accomplished performance. The actor is in top form and must be one of the most under-rated actors despite critically acclaimed success stories like Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots. The real star, or superstar or the show is Kangana Ranaut who tackles both roles with consummate ease making this one of the highlights of her impressive career. While the industry has been raving about her portrayals of her two characters, superstars like Rekha and Madhuri Dixit have lavished praise on the actress who recently won the National Award for Queen. This time she steps  up her performances a few notches while balancing the glamour act with something more restrained yet equally fiery and perfect. Kangana delivers a world class performance that should add more awards to her mantelpiece.

Music: Best song has to be Banno Tera Swagger

Overall (9/10)

Review by Shalandra Bunseelall, now Showing At Ster-Kinekor Theatres

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