Can’t Sleep? Try This!

Except for people those who have recently fallen in love, the lack of sleep can make life miserable.

Insomniacs do everything possible to get it right, but as soon as they lay in the bed, it’s a lost cause. According to Great British Sleep Survey, women are three times more likely to be affected by sleep disorders than men. So rather than sinking in a black hole why not just physically and mentally make a few changes that you can bid insomnia bye bye for good. After all, staying up can’t be fun all the time. Dr. RK Mani Director – Pulmonology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at Saket City Hospital gives us ten ways to beat insomnia.

Treat sleep with respect
Sleep is essential for health. It helps the body recover from harshness of daily life, fatigue and restores energies. Your bedroom is strictly for rest and sleep. Keep it quiet and dark, and avoid taking your laptop and electric gadgets to bed. Also try and maintain the temperature in the room according to your needs.

Follow the biological clock
To maintain one’s health one needs to follow the natural sleep pattern. Night is the time to sleep, not during broad daylight. You can never make up for the loss of normal sleep by going against the grain.

Accept that we need full eight hours of sleep
Cutting the length of sleep on regular basis will ruin your sleep pattern.

Do not struggle to sleep
Sleep is natural and easy. To struggle for it anxiously is to kill it. Do not toss or turn in bed. Go to bed in response to feeling sleepy.

Prepare for sleep
Ease your senses by relaxing mentally. A sound sleep is the most pleasurable experience available

Bedtime is not for indulging in frenetic activity
Indulge in some relaxation activity such as reading a good book or listening to music as a prelude to sleep.

No stimulants please
Do not take strong coffee or tea at the wrong time.

Resolve the issues of your life
Anxiety and depression are the real enemies of sleep. Resolving them through discussions, counseling and understanding is the right way to restoring your sleep.

Seek help
Consult your doctor if your sleep is constantly disturbed, it may sometimes be a symptom of a physical disease like high blood pressure, pain, breathing problem or any cardiac issue.

Believe in getting your sleep back
It is your birthright to sleep well. Simple faith and self belief will lift the gloom and settle the heart to let you sleep soundly!

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