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WATCH: Why Mika Singh Was Arrested

The Delhi Police have arrested Singer Mika Singh for assaulting a doctor during a programme. The arrest comes after a case was registered against the singer for slapping a doctor in April 2015 during an event in Delhi.

Earlier this year the singer was booked on for allegedly slapping a doctor at a live concert in south west Delhi. The Police had registered a case of causing hurt and wrongful restraint against the singer at Inderpuri police station even as a video of the incident appeared on several websites.

The victim Shrikant, an ophthalmologist posted at Ambedkar Hospital, had suffered some internal injury inside his left ear due to the assault.

“While performing, Mika had called some of the audience on stage for an activity. During the activity, something done by the doctor irked Mika who then slapped him and handed him to the bouncers,” said a police official.

The singer also released a detailed statement on why he slapped the man. According to Mika’s statement, he had politely asked the man to step aside and make way for the women and children to step forward and enjoy the show. However, the doctor who decided that he was not going to let go of his spot started ranting and verbally abusing the singer.

In his note, Mika also alleges that the doctor was also ‘drunk’ and therefore called the man up on stage and slapped him for his ‘misbehaviour’.

The singer refused to show any remorse for his actions and said, ‘I did what I felt was for the betterment of our ladies and children and I will always continue to stand up against what is wrong.’

Source: Deccan Chronicle / Youtube

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