WITS THEATRE: Singarevva & The Palace

Singarevva and the Palace, a solo theatre adaptation of a novel by Dr.Chandrashekara Kambara, is a powerful depiction of the suffering of women in feudal India.

Created by the award winning duo of Laxmi Chandrashekar (actor) and Soumya Varma (director), the play has seen close to 100 shows and won accolades in national and international festivals.

The story is narrated by Sheeningi, Singarevva’s maid and childhood friend. Singarevva/Singari, the beautiful, kind-hearted daughter of the greedy village chief, Gowda, is married off, first to a dead man and later to a degenerate, impotent Desai, who owns an ancestral palace and lives in the make-believe world of theatre.

The marriage is never consummated and Singarevva turns to a ‘Holy man’ to fulfill her longing for motherhood. When the lecherous mendicant dies of fright in the palace, she seeks the help of Marya, an untouchable labourer, to get rid of the corpse. Marya, who has nursed an obsessive passion for her, demands sexual gratification and rapes her when denied. Given the complete lack of male affection in her life and the complete indifference of her husband, it is no surprise that she picks Marya’s as her lover. But her upbringing makes it impossible for her to live with the guilt.

  • Venue:  Wits Downstairs Theatre
  • Running Time:  60 minutes
  • Wednesday 15 July @ 19.30
  • Friday 17 July @ 20.30
  • Monday 20 July @ 13.15

The 969 Festival is in its 14th year and is based on showcasing the best of theatre, dance, music and performance arts from the main and fringe programme of the National Arts Festival. While artistes and local audiences flock to the Festival, many South Africans who love the theatre are unable to make this annual trek of 969 kilometres to the little university town of Grahamstown.

So we bring the best of its highlights to Johannesburg and it is a much awaited, well patronized festival that attracts great audiences. In the past we have showcased many international acts from all over the world and this year we have a wonderful play from India, one from New York, a musician from Colombia apart from the best of South African talent.

For more information please call: 083 263 6991 /083 706 2952

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