ISKCON Night Of Kirtan: Agnideva Das

The Kirtan Jozi team are committed to creating opportunities for the people of Gauteng, SA to experience the power and relevance of this ancient practise. We look forward to hosting you for a Night of Kirtan.

Night of Kirtan 10 July for  telephonic bookings – 011 478 5300 | Online:

What is Kirtan?Kirtan is a musical prayer, a call and response connection with the Divine through sound. The word mantra is a Sanskrit word composed of ‘Mana’ (the mind) and ‘Trayate’ (to transcend).

Therefore mantra refers to an ancient word or sound which helps the mind to reach a higher consciousness. These days it’s become popular to call anything which is repeated over and over as a ‘mantra’. But a real mantra is a powerful sound vibration, sometimes compared to a key that unlocks the heart and links us with an eternal, unchanging truth – a celebration of the relationship between the soul and the source. When mantra is accompanied by music it is known as Kirtan.

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