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Durban Curry Cookbook International Award

Durban Curry – So Much of Flavour pays homage to the only city in South African which has its own signature dish. You might find a Bagel with Lox in New York, Bombay Duck in India, Chop Suey in San Franciso, but in South Africa? Bloemfontein Boerewors? Johannesburg Jaffles? I think not.

If you have but the remotest interest in food and are on your way to Durban, your mind has to start thinking about where you can land a great curry. And at the very least you want to visit the Market and pick up a pack of Mother in Law’s Tongue Curry Powder, a jar of Magi Masala or a bag of Basmati Rice grown in Northern India – where else?

devi sankaree-govender
The award winning book features recipes from Devi Sankaree-Govender

The 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Award judges have chosen “Durban Curry, So Much of Flavour,” by Erica Platter and Clinton Friedman (PawPaw Publishers) as their South African Book of the Year. “It is outstanding, vibrant with passion and culture,” commented the judges.The book’s recipes come from a range of people: well-known chefs, family cooks, legendary takeaway cooks and equally legendary spice-shop magicians. One or two of the joints are familiar to me from quick curry forays during too-short, too-infrequent stays.

At least 205 countries took part in the competition, often described as “the Oscars” of food writing.

A delighted Platter said the award was a tribute to all the brilliant cooks and chefs featured in the book, and to Durban curries, which have proved that local is fabulous.

“Food tourism is the fastest growing sector worldwide,” she said. “It’s wonderful to be recognised for what this book can do for tourism.”

Platter and Friedman’s other books – East Coast Tables and East Coast Tables: The Inland Version were published in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

Durban Curry pays tribute to the KwaZulu-Natal cuisine through the recipes and stories of its personalities. The first run sold out within six months of publication and reprints are due in August.

Erica and Clinton have done it twice before with their award winning books,East Coast Tables, which covered the cuisine of the cooks of the KZN coast which they swiftly followed up with East Coast Tables: The Inland version.

Devi is into this book seriously with her foreword and her contribution in terms of recipes and tips and of course the low down and inside info. Bat an eyelid and they’re back. Big Time.

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