Rasa Manjari In Cape Town

K. Sarveshan is a disciple of The Dhananjayans who has become South Africa’s leading male exponent of Bharatanatyam.
Sarveshan plays an integral part in preserving and progressing Bharatanaatyam in South Africa by conducting workshops and performances there.


After the success of Naatya Manjari (2013) and Naatya Pravaaham Tour (2014), Sarveshan will be presenting Rasa Manjari along with 2 of Cape Town’s most talented dancers, Darshana Rama and Meera Morar.

“Rasa Manjari aims to bridge the gap between the rasika and the narthaki/narthaka. It is about making an ancient tradition of our Motherland, Bhaarat, accessible and relevant to rasikas in South Africa.

What better way to do this other than to use the Rasa-inspiring works of my gurus?“ – K. Sarveshan

He began his training at the age of three under the guidance of Smt Savitri Naidoo (Diciple of Smt Indira Rajan) at Vadhini Indian Arts Academy (Cape Town). It was here where he was exposed to Bharatanatyam, Traditional Indian Folk, Traditional African Dance, Kathak, Yoga & Contemporary Dance.

Post matriculation, Sarveshan chose to make his passion his career. He moved to Chennai to explore the nuances of Naatyam at Bharata Kalanjali, the home of The Dhananjayans , where he quickly secured a spot in their performing ensemble.

“… well rehearsed, beautifully groomed and immaculately costumed… Kumar Sarveshan is the lead dancer who skilfully performs his stories with eloquent facial expression, precise footwork and physical balance” – Debbie Hathway, Cape Times


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