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Two Headed Cobra Born in China

A zoo in southwest China’s city of Nanning recently adopted a two-headed cobra. The rare creature has already survived 15 days, but the zoo said it may need to call in specialists to sustain its life.

This mutant, a two-headed cobra snake was found in China by Huang, who raises snakes for a living, discovered the mutant baby cobra while working on his farm in Yulin, southern China, 10 days ago the People’s Daily Online reports.

The breeder soon realiser the strange creature would neither eat nor take water, and he decided to give the snake to specialists at the Nanning Zoo.  The scientists at the zoo noted that the snake had already shed its skin once, meaning that it is around 10 days old.
Daily Mail reports, The rare snake could conceivably grow to a typical Chinese cobra length of about 1.2 meters, but zoo doctors are unable to tell how much longer it might live.
Snakes with two heads are a relatively common occurrence. Unfortunately, most do not survive more than three months, due to an increased susceptibility to infection and difficulties gaining enough nutrition for normal development.

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