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#CliveNaidoo: JMPD Officer Caught in 2nd Video

A second video has surfaced showing her no-nonsense manner of working.  The motorist, who was the target of her sharp tongue, says the confrontation happened earlier this year.  He has asked to remain anonymous.

The new footage shows Shitlhelana in what appears to be an exchange with a different motorist asking, ”what is a bribe?”

This follows another argument with motorist Clive Naidoo. Watch the video here.

The video shows Naidoo being given a ticket for allegedly failing to stop at a red light.

The two were meant to reunite today in a joint press briefing. However, JMPD announced earlier that the meeting has been called off.

In the new video, Shitlhelana can been seen leaning on the vehicle, repeatedly asking the motorist ‘what bribe is?”.

The motorist ignores her and asks that she continue talking as he records her.Shitlhelana then requests the motorist to delete the recording.

#CliveNaidoo remains among the top social media trends in Durban.


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