How One Family Has Been Humiliated By #CliveNaidoo

#CliveNaidoo: South Africa, I’m sorry!

This was the tweet that the alleged Clive Naidoo believed he would seek salvation from South Africans and readers world wide regarding his altercation with a Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officer, which was captured on video and circulated on social media by him.

Indianspice was contacted by the wife of the Clive Naidoo who has now been at the centre of a hilarious and serious situation that has caused them undue stress as their picture has been doing the rounds on social media.

After becoming the subject of hilarious memes and abuse, Naidoo took to Twitter on Tuesday night to “tell his side of the story”. The Twitter handle @MrCliveNaidoo was allegedly set up by him, has now been deleted.

However, one family has become terrified and has been the centre of abuse from unknown callers through the entire #CliveNaidoo debacle. A picture of a Clive Naidoo and his wife was used on social media creating a farce that this was the Clive Naidoo who recorded the video. This has created unneeded attention to an innocent family who have been humiliated, abused and has set them into emotional turmoil.

Some of the tweets and visuals that are making their rounds on the Twittersphere:

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