Durban: Half Naked Indian Gym Owner Bangs Gays

People’s sexual experiences are exactly that — their own. But sexuality has become a bigger conversation about culture. It takes moral courage to transform these hot issues into healthy conversations. Sometimes an ignorant Facebook status will emerge and it happened on Tuesday by an Indian gym owner from Westville.

Durban resident, Jerome Michael Nayanah, a fitness enthusiast with a tendency to post near naked pictures of himself, had engaged his Facebook audience in a status where he described gay men as “sexually sick perverts” in response to him receiving random calls allegedly due to an anonymous posting on an adult classified section where he was propositioned by various individuals both men and women.

Nayanah rambled on with this to say:

I actually enjoy it because I start talking about jesus n pasteing versuses from the bible…..instant application unsuccessful……mostly homosexuals….. U know every one is always like gay pride this n that…… Let me tell u all they up to is sleeping with randoms n neone ……. NOW I KNOW why the ignorant rumour..

His Facebook post is as follows to which I responded as the comments are untrue and unnecessary to create a perception that gay men and women are responsible for an increased HIV rate. Nayanah has since shut down his Facebook profile once the story was published on, South Africa’s leading gay lifestyle website.  Many readers  contacted him and his business to share their distaste at his homophobic comments. In a Facebook message, Mambaonline, asked the businessman, if he was not concerned that his bigoted views could damage his business. Mambaonline also queried if he was aware that he could be reported for possible hate speech.

When Naufal Khan, Editor-in-Chief of the Indian community website, called out Nayanah for his homophobic comments, the bodybuilder was defiantly unrepentant. He went on post: “Naufal I actually did believe that gay men are just normal people at first but as I met a lot n and mean a lot from work… bru who are kidding you guys will let ne one penertrate or vise versa with u… u a man n attracted to a man… I personally think is a physcological matter… 1 more word there’s too kinds of women or I should gays men aswell… one that hate ANAL and LIARS!!! don’t bullshit urself by sayin u enjoy it… you need jesus. deleted urself n ne gay person on my fb here by chance offended can delte urself too…”

For the full story read it as reported on South Africa’s leading LGBT website,

In my opinion, Nayanah needs to work on his spelling and tacky grammar and maybe put some more clothing on instead of spending time picking on individuals who share equal rights.

We have the moral courage to stand up against immature individuals like you Jerome. You need to apologize to the South African community of LGBT individuals.

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