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Fireworks: You Have Been Warned

November is generally the kickoff of fireworks as part of celebrations. In South Africa, festivals of Diwali, Guy Fawkes are amongst others are legal on  as part of the 11 days of the year where this is permitted.  This means you should know to take care of your pets appropriately. Get some sedatives, ensure you have them secure inside, keep them safe.  It’s only a few days a year and they will manage.

Prior to every celebration where the use of fireworks is probable, the NSPCA reminds the public of the law in this regard and urges people to spare a thought for the animals that will be affected by this activity. Yet every year animals continue to be injured or lose their lives. SPCAs around the country provide comfort to thousands of traumatised animals that find their way to our doors and deal with the heartache of injured and dying pets.

Celebratory days are the stuff of nightmares for SPCAs and it would be make a welcome change for staff to enjoy these times with friends and family instead of having to witness the sadness that fireworks bring to animals.

Lighting or igniting fireworks in any place where animals are present will incur a fine of R1 000.

Safety of children and pets also needs to be considered, and the Johannesburg metro police warn that people who use firecrackers carelessly will be charged.

diwali guides
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“A fine of up to R10 000 will be imposed on those found guilty of breaking the law. If they get caught, they will be charged for contravention of the by-laws,” says the emergency management services’ Nana Radebe.

According to City by-laws, fireworks are allowed on specific days, at specific times:

  • New Year’s Eve from 11pm to 1am;
  • New Year’s Day from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Lag b’omer from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Chinese New Year from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Human Rights Day from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Freedom Day from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Diwali from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Guy Fawkes Day from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Christmas Eve from 7pm to 10pm; and
  • Day of Goodwill from 7pm to 10pm.

In an emergency, call the City’s Emergency Connect on 011 375 5911 or the nationwide emergency response on 10111.
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