#Witchcraft: Umzinto Man Beheaded For Muti

Umzinto Murder
Image Source: Rising Sun Chatsworth

Nawaaz Khan (23) of Gandhinagar, Umzinto, went missing on Saturday, 31 October 2015 and a missing person’s enquiry was subsequently registered with the Umzinto SAPS. All efforts to find him proved futile. It is alleged that he was last seen in the company of a close friend and this weekend, while being interviewed by detectives, the friend broke down and led them to a forest in neighbouring Isonti. Khan’s headless body was found lying in the bushes.

It is alleged that Khan’s friend had consulted a traditional healer who requested a human head so that he could help resolve his problems. The traditional healer and Khan’s friend lured Khan to the crime scene in Isonti. While there, Khan was attacked with a bush knife and beheaded. His cellphones, clothing and takkies were taken by his attackers. Neither the head nor the bush knife has been recovered as yet. According to his mother, Zakia Khan, Nawaaz left home early on the morning of Saturday, October 31. Being a conductor who travels often and sometimes does not return home, his family did not worry when he failed to return that day. However, his mother began to worry on Monday when she met one of his colleagues who said they had not seen him. On Wednesday, she met another colleague who also told her he had not seen or heard from Nawaaz. Zakia contacted all his friends locally but none of them had seen nor heard from him. On Thursday, she called SASSA offices to establish if he had withdrawn his grant and was told his money was still in the account. Fearing the worst, she began to call the nearest hospitals and mortuaries but to no avail. Her next action was to report him missing to the police and soon the search for Nawaaz began.  The next day, Saturday, police found Nawaaz’s decomposed body covered in sand, with some stab wounds and the head missing.   His heartbroken mother described Nawaaz as a humble young man who loved cricket and soccer and was a great fan of Hashim Amla. Nawaaz was part of the KZN Intellectually Impaired Team since 2008. “Nawaaz made me a proud mum and always had big dreams. He was a keen cricketer who played for Saints locally and his greatest moment was receiving one of his cricket awards from Hashim Amla and being interviewed on television,” said his distraught mother. She added, “It took my son eight years to get his national colours and it made me so proud, but I never expected to lose him this way,” she said.  

A 21-year-old suspect is in police custody and is expected to appear in the Umzinto Magistrates Court today. He has made a full confession to a commissioned police officer yesterday. Police have launched a manhunt for the traditional healer who is on the run. He is known to the detectives who expect to take him into custody soon. They are hopeful that his arrest would lead to the victim’s head and the murder weapon being recovered. Two more people, one from Msholozi Informal Settlement in Umzinto and the other from Dumisa, were taken in for questioning on Sunday night, 8 November 2015. They each allegedly bought one of the two cellphones that had belonged to the deceased.

KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner Lieutenant General Mmamonnye Ngobeni commended the police on the arrest of the suspect. “We strongly believe that the arrest of the alleged traditional healer is imminent. It is totally unacceptable that such cases are continuously being reported. We urge members of the community not to follow instructions of such merciless traditional healers but to rather report them to police,” she said.

Sources: Newsbreak Lotus, SAPS KZN, Rising Sun

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