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5FM Carmen Reddy Shot At Diwali Dinner

Carmen Reddy, a newsreader at 5Fm was shot in the shoulder when armed men entered her home on Wednesday.

Reddy was in the company of fellow 5FM colleague, Vic Naidoo and Aurelie Kalenga of Highveld stereo.Β Naidoo says they were disrupted by a group of men just after 9:30 pm.

“We were literally sitting and eating when Carmen’s mom looked up and said, ‘No, but who are you?’ I saw a man walking towards us slowly. He had a balaclava on and a gun in his hand. He was walking so slowly,” Naidoo said.

The men told them to lay down on the floor and keep quiet. Guns were pointed at their heads while Reddy was shot.

“The worst part is that despite the screams and gunshots, because it was Diwali, nobody picked up on anything. It’s a gated housing estate and it’s just very odd that the only thing they took was my cellphone. There were luxury cars parked outside and they didn’t take it.”

A case has been opened at the police station.

Source: TimesLIVE


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