Disability Month: Tunusha Naidu In Focus

12246703_928913140525542_9163763447996849431_nTunusha Naidu has broken barriers as being a startup business that supports individuals with disabilities.

She holds an honours degree in multi-lingual studies and speaks fluent isiZulu which she believes is her duty as a South African. She can cook any dish, even the traditional Indian roti, and ties a sari with ease. She is techno savvy and able to communicate via social media platforms. It hasn’t been easy to achieve these milestones but Tanusha Naidoo is certainly a go-getter with a difference.

The 32 year old from Umkomaas, south of Durban, was born blind. As part of Newsbreak’s focus on Disability Month, Maya Jagjivan profiles Tanusha, who has just started her own business.

Find out more about her being blind and how she uses her loss of sight to create opportunities for those like her and to help businesses to become more disabled friendly.

South Africa commemorates National Disability Rights Awareness Month annually between 3 November and 3 December. 3 December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and is also commemorated as National Disability Rights Awareness Day.

Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person’s lifetime.

Listen to her interview with Newsbreak Lotus FM here

Visit Tunusha’s company website here

The Department  of Social Development is responsible for driving the government’s equity, equality and empowerment agenda in terms of those living with disabilities.

Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM) provides South Africa with an opportunity to:

  • Inspire hope and confidence in the ability of South Africans and the state machinery to work together in addressing the common challenges facing persons with disabilities and society in general;
  • Mobilise persons with disabilities around the gains made in protecting, promoting and upholding the rights of persons with disabilities since the adoption of the Freedom Charter 60 years ago and 21 years of democracy;
  • Reach out to the diversity within the disability sector, and acknowledging thatall human and socio-economic rights should be equally enjoyed by all persons with disabilities, irrespective of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, impairment, socio-economic status, educational qualification level, religion, culture, employment status or nationality; and to
  • Celebrate the release of the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which advocates for measures that will hold duty-bearers accountable and strengthen recourse measures for rights-holders whose rights have been violated.

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