Sex Scene: Priyanka Chopra Too Hot To Handle

Mumbai: After her sizzling smooch scene with her fellow FBI trainee and flaunting her perfectly structured body in a swim suit in her Hollywood show ‘Quantico’, Priyanka Chopra’s hotness quotient in the show has now touched another level. It’s not wrong to say that things are turning spicier as the show progresses.

In the Pilot episode of ‘Quantico’, we saw Priyanka locking lips with her co-star Jake McLaughlin, who plays the character of Ryan Booth and now in episode ‘Found’, things have moved further ahead between Alex and Ryan. If you thought the ending scene of the episode was absolutely hot then you aren’t even prepared for what’s next.

As the next episode ‘God’ kick starts, things between Alex and Ryan get steamer and hotter.

The bold and beautiful actress, Priyanka, is seen in a steamy shower intimate scene with her co-star Jake McLaughlin.

Watch the videos below:

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