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#JiahKhan: Shocking revelations on Sooraj Pancholi

Couple of days ago, the Bombay High Court lifted the stay on the trial against actor Sooraj Pancholi who has been accused of actor Jiah Khan’s murder. Jiah was found dead in her apartment on June 3, 2013, and was said to have committed suicide, however, her mother Jiah Khan has accused her ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi of murdering her. The case is being investigated by the CBI currently.


However, in the mid of this entire brouhaha, Rabiya Khan has revealed some really shocking details about Sooraj Pancholi that might leave you devastated. In an interview to, Rabiya said that Jiah used to discuss her issues she had with Sooraj, with her and that she had warned Jiah that Sooraj didn’t love her. “I asked her to leave him so many times. Even she knew he didn’t love her. I had messaged him one day saying, ‘Why are you playing games with her and why are you manipulating Jiah?’ That didn’t go down well with him. He replied saying ‘Yeh ladki agar meri nahi toh teri bhi nahi.'”

Rabiya has even accused CBI of not showing this message to anyone. The distressed mother further reveals that Jiah had decided to go back to London as she couldn’t handle this nonsense anymore. Rabiya states that Sooraj even influenced Jiah against her. “He kept telling Jiah ‘Your mother is lying, I love you so much. I cannot live without you’. He told me the same thing that he cannot live without Jiah. I told him that this is not love, when you cannot give each other any space.”

If that wasn’t enough, Rabiya has even raised serious doubts about Sooraj’s sexual relationship with his other female and male friends. “That night, what did my daughter see inside that house? What was Sooraj Pancholi’s relation with his friend jisko wo chhod nahi pa raha tha? Jiah used to suspect him. Did CBI find out? He slept with anyone, girl or boy… Is this a relationship? My daughter had understood that her mother was right. Who will have a better instinct than a mother?”

 Rubbishing Sooraj’s statement wherein he had claimed to have met her, Rabiya reveals, “The day Jiah told me about him, I told her at least make me meet him. He didn’t want to meet me. He met me over skype and usne andhere main baithke mujhse baat ki. I told Jiah, he doesn’t have any confidence. He didn’t even show his face to me.”

Now that the stay on the trial against Sooraj has been lifted by the Bombay High Court and the Pancholis themselves want the case to be sped up, let’s wait and watch what other shocking revelations unfold in the days to come.

Pancholi allegedly extricated Jiah Khan’s foetus

A charge sheet filed by the CBI in the Jiah Khan case provides chilling details about the actor’s pregnancy; how her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi aided her in the subsequent abortion; and how the termination of pregnancy left her an emotional wreck, possibly leading to her suicide.

The CBI charge sheet, submitted to a sessions court on Wednesday, describes Khan’s abortion and Pancholi’s role in it in graphic detail. A source gave details of the charge sheet to Mumbai Mirror on the express condition of anonymity and said that Jiah was four weeks pregnant when she informed Pancholi about it.The couple then approached a physician who prescribed some medicines for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) but that didn’t help.The couple then approached another doctor and finally a gynaecologist who prescribed a stronger and more effective combination of drugs.”After taking the medicine, Khan started haemorrhaging and called Pancholi for help.
She was in pain and needed immediate medical attention but Pancholi allegedly asked her to wait and called up the gynaecologist for guidance. He was asked to rush Khan to hospital as the foetus had probably aborted but had not been expelled from the body, which is probably what led to the hemorrhaging,” the charge sheet says. It adds that Pancholi was afraid that if Khan got hospitalised, their relationship would become public knowledge and his career could grind to a halt even before taking off. Sooraj then decided to take matters in his own hand rather than risk going to a hospital.
He extricated the foetus and disposed of it in the toilet, the charge sheet alleges.This allegedly left a deep emotional scar on Khan as she was very possessive about Pancholi and the latter started avoiding her, possibly for the sake of his acting career. “This added to her depression which finally drove her to suicide,” the charge sheet says.

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