Bollywood Actress Rekha Rana in Johannesburg

Bollywood Actress Rekha Rana is in Johannesburg for her film shoot. Award winning Bollywood actress Rekha Rana is in Johannesburg, South Africa  for her next Bollywood feature film “Yahan Ameena Bikte Hai“ produced & directed by Kumar Raj of Kumar Raj Productions.  She is  planning to work with African production companies soon. 

Rekha Rana has previously worked in Hindi feature film “Tara” produced & directed by Kumar Raj of Kumar Raj Productions, film was nominated for Oscars for best film in foreign language category . Film Tara released by PVR, Cinemax & Thadani ran for 52 continuous weeks in imperial cinema Mumbai, film has received 74 international awards world wide.

Rekha Rana as lead actress received 18 times best actress award for her film Tara world wide.  Rekha Rana has completed her studies from New York Film Academy in LA & now stays in Los Angeles USA, she works in Hollywood & Bollywood

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