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India’s Most Desirable: Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopraIndia has voted and chosen theTimes 50 Most Desirable Women 2015. The 21.35 lakh (unique) votes received online on along with our vote decided the final 50 on this coveted list. Soaring to new heights, breaking stereotypes and shattering the glass ceiling, our pride and America’s sweetheart, the feisty Priyanka Chopra tops the list. Padma Shri awardee, on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, guest of the Obamas, Oscar presenter, winner of People’s Choice Award for her role in the TV series ‘Quantico’, playing the antagonist in ‘Baywatch’ and now India’s Most Desirable, PC is unstoppable at the moment. Excerpts from our chat with the actress.

What do you think makes you most desirable?
The fact that I don’t know I am (desirable). I am very flattered and I am still trying to figure out the reason. I am just a girl who is simply doing her job.

There must be something that draws people to you?
I am super confident about myself, and I am a good listener. I think people like that.

What qualities do you desire in others?
I find confidence and self-belief extremely attractive. Doing something with conviction can be one of the sexiest things about someone. We all make mistakes, and there are times when we question ourselves, our choices and beliefs. I believe that you have to dust yourself off and move on.

A man is sexy if he is..?
Confident. That means he can live life on his own terms and make his own rules. I should be able to look up to a man. Also, he should have good choice in shoes. ‘Shoes maketh the man’ (smiles).

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How do you strike a balance between your ‘me-time’ and chasing your dreams?
There is no way to balance it out. There’s a price you pay for everything. You have to decide what is important for you and work towards it, no matter how hard it is, keep going!You are working with the likes of Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson, and rubbing shoulders with actors like Ryan Gosling. Do you get any special requests from friends back home to convey their wishes to Hollywood celebs?
(Laughs) I do and I don’t see anything wrong in that. I have seen others do it for me, so it’s completely okay if someone requests me to drop in a word to their favourite Hollywood star. My mother is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. She was delighted to meet him.
Word of advice for actors trying to follow your footsteps?
I think it’s very important to respect your job. If you are an actor, 300 people out there can do your job. So, you don’t have the luxury to give excuses for not working hard.

After being a Bollywood star, starting from scratch in Hollywood must have been a challenge.
No matter where my work takes me, the moment I am in front of the camera, I have a certain credibility. Hollywood is just an extension of me as an artiste. It’s just been six months since Quantico premiered, but it’s been very fulfilling. I make mistakes but I also know how to win.
Source: TOI

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