ziyaad nanabhay
Ziyaad Nanabhay

Ziyaad Nanabhay In His Million Rand Suit

ziyaad nanabhayCavalier Store recently launched Africa’s most expensive suit, the Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish ll, with a price tag of R1 million. Ziyaad Nanabhay, Managing Director at Cavalier, dons the couture masterpiece.

It took 286 hours to craft the Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish ll, the R1 million suit. Ziyaad Nanabhay, Managing Director at Cavalier, joined Bruce Whitfield in studio wearing Africa’s most expensive suit

What makes this suit so special?

The House Of Cavalier crafts one of the most extraordinary suits to ever be created, a suit beyond imagination.

This is The Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish ll, made to measure. Crafted from the legendary @dormeuil1842 Vanquish II cloth, among rarest cloths on earth, this masterpiece of artistic creation features 4 carat diamond buttons set in Africa’s finest platinum and a pure silk lining. A team of master tailors have worked tirelessly for over 200 hours, hand sewing The Rockefeller Vanquish ll into creation.

It is South Africa’s most expensive suit and one of the most exclusive suits in the world. Only 5 will ever be produced.



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