Durban: Arul Gnana Iyakkam

The Arul Gnana Iyakkam established circa 2001 by a small band of devotees.   It is an organisation based in Northdene propagating and promoting  Saivism and the philosophy  known as Saiva Sithantham. This religion is one of the oldest religion of the world.   It is a Monotheistic religion that believes in one God. The sacred works of the Saiva Saints is known as Thirumurais. They are  twelve in number.

The Iyakkam is proud in that being in existence for eleven years has acquired it’s first Sivalingam from South India. The Sivalingam is the most important Deity for all Saivites or South Indians in general.  It is worshipped at Temples who believe in Lord Siva. It is a Deity with a formless form.  The Iyakkam makes every endeavour in trying to keep alive Saivite agamic teachings as propagated by our Guru Swamigal. Learn more about the organisation by clicking here

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