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Does Roseanne Narandas Know Where Killer Rajiv Is?

The convicted Durban socialite, Rajiv Narandas is nowhere to be found. Authorities confirm his whereabouts are unknown. 

When Narandas appeared in court earlier this year on intimidation charges, the State went on record, saying it was opposing bail in the light of information it had received that he planned to skip the country.

If Narandas were to flee to Argentina, getting him back to South Africa might prove a challenge.

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Will Rajiv Narandas avoid the conviction and sentence? Despite numerous enquiries from the media, the Durban socialite potentially has got away with murder.

Roseanne Narandas’ late on Sunday night changed her WhatsApp status to “Don’t cry for me.. I’m in Argentina”.  And her profile picture on the messenger service was one of a Sunday Tribune poster from on Sunday, which read, “Where is Rajiv?”

If Narandas’s mom is aware of his whereabouts and is not fully co-operating with the police to recover her convicted killer son she could face charges in obstruction of justice.

rajiv narandas

Gone Silent
Over the past week, Rajiv Narandas has shut down his social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. 

The NPA spokesperson a warrant of arrest has been issued however, South African Police Service’s Lungelo Dlamini still has to yet confirm that a warrant for Rajiv Narandas has been issued.

Has he literally got away with murder now after being found guilt of the murder of Veenand Singh outside a Johannesburg nightclub? 

Sources: Facebook, Youtube, Sunday Tribune

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