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Rajiv Narandas Is Finally In Jail

Gauteng authorities have confirmed that Rajiv Narandas will serve his sentence in Johannesburg, he was arrested in Durban yesterday.  Convicted murderer ‪#‎RajivNarandas‬ is expected to appear in the Randburg Magistrates Court today. Last week he was to serve his sentence in Durban’s Westville Prison but confusion arose on his whereabouts.  Narandas will be interviewed once he arrives at the Johannesburg Prison as he did not appear to authorities.

Narandas is expected to potentially face more charges for not handing himself over to authorities to serve his sentence. Bashanta Sanassy is now relieved that Narandas has been found and will serve his sentence. Her belief in the Justice system of South Africa is now restored. She praised the investigating officers in the past 8 years to bring the convicted murderer to book

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Narandas‚ convicted of the 2008 murder of 32-year-old Veenand Singh outside Shoukara nightclub in Sandton‚ was ordered to hand himself over to Westville Prison last week to start serving a 15-year sentence after his Constitutional Court application was dismissed.

His mother‚ who fueled speculation that Narandas had fled the country with a WhatsApp status and profiles picture‚ said she would respond to all questions relating to her son’s whereabouts on Friday.

“I can’t tell you if he is in prison or not. I am sorry if I appear to be difficult but I can only respond on Friday‚” she said on Wednesday evening.

A newspaper report on Wednesday claimed that Narandas underwent surgery for a hernia on Friday and was discharged from hospital into his mother’s care on Sunday.

Sources: Newsbreak Lotus FM, Facebook, TimesLIVE

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