rajiv narandas

RajivNarandas: His Secret Message In Photo

If anyone should care about appearances, it’s a criminal, researchers have found.

It means: I’m going to do what I need to do now, I’m going to laugh today in the sun, because tomorrow, I may be dead. I’m going to drink and dance, because a year from now, I may be locked up, doing time. I’m going to hold onto life with my hands clenched, digging my fingernails in, because life is short, and full of grief and pain.

rajiv narandas

I’m going to put a smiling face on today, and I’m going to do what needs to be done, and tomorrow, when I have time, I’ll cry about how much things suck. It’s a battle cry, an affirmation, a stiff upper lip. This idea is often represented by two masks, one smiling, and the other crying. You see it in tattoos, doodles, prison art, and graffiti.

What can this photo mean?

But what should concern Veenand Singh’s family is what transpired over the past few weeks, the convicted murderer successfully managed to be released for a week on R100,000 bail to challenge his conviction, thereafter still evading authorities on grounds of medical issues. The media and the public were led to believe he had skipped the country and then the popular photo released shows killer Narandas posing with his mother smiling from ear-to-ear.

This should worry everyone, the former Durban socialite could potentially be released on grounds of health problems or give or take 5 years on good behavior parole. It is not uncommon for someone of his wealth status to access this type of ‘reprieves’.

Outer Smile, Inner Darkness
Ironically, a smile can express contempt. Bullies—whether they’re on the playground or in the office—may want the recipients to see their glee and realize their malevolent intent. The result is a conscious disconnect between outward expression and inner feelings. Other times, the disconnect may be unconscious, the result of pushing aside negative feelings. A person may have heard as a child that enraged feelings should never be expressed, so even the slightest inkling of anger is covered with a smile.

Psychologists have long advised that a smile can do wonders if you want to make a good impression.

Upturned eyebrows, an upward curving mouth, and wide eyes give the impression of being open, kind and reliable.

However, a recent study that came to that conclusion also found there’s little you can do to appear competent – that all rests on the structure of your face.

According to New York University professor Jonathan Freeman, the wider the face, the more competent you appear.  His study asked participants to select a financial advisor and a weightlifter out of a selection of headshots.

Consistently, those with happier faces were deemed to be trustworthy enough to handle their accounts, while the wide-faced men were seen as strong and competent weightlifters.

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