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Rosanne Narandas Speaks Out

Rosanne Narandas’ open letter to the public to clear the misconceptions of Rajiv Narandas’ whereabouts and the abuse she and the family are experiencing.

In this post on her Facebook page, the mother of convicted killer, Rajiv Narandas addresses the post to her son but laments on the current state of her family and the abuse they are receiving from the public. She lambasts the media for speculating and creating concepts of her son’s whereabouts.

RAJIV : I have tried to keep my private life off this page, but as this is such a public matter at present, and the press do not report in a fair manner, I do feel that it is time for me to speak out, to those who care about me and are wondering if I in any way have been party to any obstruction of justice. This is not intended to elicit sympathy, and please no impolite comments.

I am aware that the public would like to know the truth about whether Rajiv was in hiding over the last 10 days. The truth is he has not been hiding. The over-zealous press have spun stories about Rajiv fleeing the country and have caused the public to react in unpleasant ways. As i was not spilling out the information they wanted, they spun a web of lies that incited unwarranted pandemonium and rumours.

Rajiv has over the last 7 years presented himself at every court appearance in Johannesburg. This was at least on 45 occasions. During this time, he went overseas on business on three occasions and returned his passport to the investigating officer. He has never used his medical condition to evade facing the court cases. His health is affected by the stress caused by this court case over the last 7 years.

When he was informed that his appeal to the Supreme Court had failed, he did not lose hope or try to escape. HE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY AND MEANS TO FLEE, BUT THIS WAS NEVER AND OPTION. He lodged an appeal with the Constitutional Court. When this failed, the opportunity to “skip” was there, but Rajiv never once mentioned this or considered it. My family and I would never have supported this either.

rajiv narandas

During March, false charges were laid against Rajiv, he was accused of intimidating two relatives of his. These charges were later withdrawn. The investigating officer presented false information to the Magistrate in order to have Rajiv arrested. He stated that he had received “Information from Intelligence” that Rajiv was going to “flee to Argentina” as I had organised a false passport for Rajiv and that I had a house in Argentina. This is untrue. Rajiv was held at the Brighton Beach police station, Westville Prison and Johannesburg Central prison for six weeks due to these false charges. The charges were later withdrawn.

On 4th May, the Honourable Judge Masipa granted Rajiv bail pending the outcome of his Constitutional Court appeal. When the State raised the issue of Rajiv being a flight risk, Honourable Judge Masipa requested proof of this, stating that one simply cannot make statements that “someone from Intelligence stated that Rajiv is a flight risk”. She granted Rajiv bail.

Judge Masipa’s order stated that should Rajiv’s Constitutional Court appeal fail, he was to report to Westville Prison within 24 hours of receiving notice. There are specific documents that are required when a person enters prison, one simply cannot walk in and hand oneself over. It also stated that Rajiv was to be fitted with a monitoring device.

The monitoring device was not fitted at the Johannesburg prison as they did not have one and furthermore a medical examination is required before one is fitted. Rajiv reported to the Westville police station every day, which was a condition of his bail. The police and Correctional Services in Durban did not have the monitoring device in stock.

A few days after his return home, Rajiv went to hospital for a complete check-up. Whilst in hospital he received a call from a news reporter that his Constitutional Court Appeal had failed. His attorney had not communicated this to him. Rajiv immediately left the hospital without completing his check up and went home to prepare himself. The next day members of my family and I accompanied Rajiv to the Westville Prison to hand himself over. On the way he stopped at his doctor to collect a prescription. He became violently ill and was admitted to hospital. He called his attorney and it only at that point that the attorney sent him the notice from the Constitutional Court.

I went to the Westville prison to inform them that Rajiv was in hospital. I spent an hour at the gate whilst the guard made enquiries. No one knew anything about Rajiv having to be admitted there. The next day I made over ten calls to the prison trying to inform them of the situation. No one there was informed that they had to receive Rajiv there. They had not received any of the documents that are required to admit a prisoner and stated that even if Rajiv presented himself, they would not accept him in the absence of the documents.

After Rajiv’s discharge from hospital, he remained at home.

When the media went into a flurry over Rajiv’s whereabouts, I did not wish to respond due to the threats and volume of hate-mail that we were receiving. In March Rajiv and I had laid charges against an individual that had been stalking, harassing and intimidating us. When Rajiv was home after obtaining bail, this individual went to Rajiv’s home at midnight and again at 1am on 8th May and tried to get in. We have CCTV footage of this. This individual has further incited two others to intimidate me. The intimidation occurs on a daily basis and even last night I received 6 calls from this individual. Rajiv and I have been subjected to hundreds of threatening voice notes, sms’s, whatsApp messages and emails from this individual. He continues unabated. A few days ago I received a call from him that was 36 minutes long. He goes on ranting,raving and threatening. Each time I block him, he changes his number. Rajiv has never met this individual. This matter is now being investigated by the police as this has become a dangerous obsession.

Rajiv remained at home from the time he was notified of the Constitution Court decision. No attempt was made to flee. There was no warrant for his arrest issued. There was absolutely no paperwork done that could admit Rajiv to any prison. The Westville police, the Johannesburg investigating officer, Rajiv’s advocate and the member of the Hawks tasked with this matter were at all times fully aware of where Rajiv was. They have called him on his home landline. No officials were “looking for Rajiv”, it was just the curious public and the press.

The press and public took it upon themselves to draw conclusions about Rajiv’s whereabouts. If they simply called him on his home phone, he would have answered, and they would have had the answer to “WHERE IS RAJIV”. This did not occur to them as to assume he has fled was a more exciting version of events for them. It really is not the right of the press or public to demand answers from me about Rajiv’s whereabouts. His safety was at risk and it is for this reason that I did not wish to reveal his whereabouts. Extra precautions were taken to ensure his safety at home. He lives in his own home and the anxiety about his safety has been very nerve-wracking.

The investigating officer and the Hawks member were communicating with me at all times. Each time they requested us to be ready for them, they discovered that the paperwork was inadequate and they could not request Rajiv to accompany them. We had our family gatherings and said our goodbyes to Rajiv three times.

On Wednesday I was informed by the investigating officer that he was on his way from Johannesburg to collect Rajiv. When he arrived in Durban at midnight, he messaged me to state he had arrived. Rajiv had been packed and ready for a week already. Yesterday the Hawks and the investigating officer made an appointment with me for 9am and Rajiv was taken to Johannesburg. Rajiv was never arrested. He is still not “under arrest”. The investigating officer does not have any documents in his possession with which he can arrest Rajiv. Rajiv simply went willingly. Rajiv was not served any documents yesterday or cuffed. No documents were ever shown to us. Rajiv is going to court this morning (Friday) for the necessary documents to be processed.

Placards state that Rajiv was “BUSTED”. Sensationalism at the expense of others, but a clear exhibition of ignorance.

My family and I do not wish to be in the public eye as is so often said. The press have been parking outside my home and taking photographs. I have been called, emailed and messaged at all times of the day and night by reporters who are under the mistaken belief that they have a right to call me whilst I am sleeping or at meal-times, and demand answers to their often humiliating questions.

I do hope that I will be left alone now to deal with what I have to attend to. Rajiv has various good business projects that I will be taking over and ensuring their continuity and success.

This has been a traumatic time for my family. It has taken its toll on all of us, not just Rajiv. No matter what I might say now in Rajiv’s defence, the public will still believe the version that best satisfies their minds. This is a failing of human nature that I won’t try to change. I will rather concentrate on changing the things I can, and that is ensuring that Rajiv prepares himself for the future that will be there for him when he is released.

There has been a lot of blatant hatred towards Rajiv and I. I have been the target of tremendous back-lashing and ugliness. I am not upset, I understand and I will not stoop to trying to win these people over. I will not waste a moment of my previous time on fighting with people over what they say about me. I would rather do something constructive and that will be of benefit to Rajiv and his future.

A facebook page called Jozi Social Media incites the public to respond with hateful statements. The author himself makes hateful statements. One is below. He also tried to extort R250 000 from me when I asked that he takes Rajiv photo off his page. The message is below, sent directly to me.

My attitude towards those who write such things is that they are the ones to be pitied for their viciousness. A degree of anger is understandable and I accept this, but continued attacks are unwarranted and don’t contribute toward positive resolutions.

Recent responses from the public range from :

– I should be arrested for assisting Rajiv to escape,

– We have bribed officials,

– “money talks”,

– I am a bad example of a parent as I have taken the easy way out

-that Rajiv has made a mockery of the justice system

-that Rajiv took the police for a ride..he is a multimillionaire from a rich family

-that the law was lenient with rajiv


3/22, 4:12am

Jozi Social Media

Hi. Rajiv Narandas killed my friend Veenand Singh.

Price to remove this picture. R250 000. This article is going viral. Choice is yours.


Jozi Social Media Bastard must die.. !!

• 1 • May 18 at 7:18pm


There are hundreds of messages from the public that are downright horrible. People believe public platforms like facebook are their weapons, they believe that their partial anonymity affords them a degree of bravado that they would otherwise not possess. They would never dare to make statements directly in person to the recipients of their hateful comments. It is astonishing to see elderly people, sometimes holding their little grandchildren in their profile photographs, make shockingly vulgar and crude comments… and appear so proud of themselves for their valor!

I have come under constant attack from people on social media who chastise me and berate my role as a parent. These people have never set eyes on me (or even Rajiv), have never been in my home and know absolutely nothing about me personally, yet they comment as though they are authorities on my life and my parenting. I have been blamed for “spoiling” Rajiv. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rajiv did not receive any money from me from the age of 14, he has made his own money through his own efforts. i only bought him one car, that was for his 21st Birthday. thats can hardly be called “spoiling” my son.

I have lost a son 18 months ago and I do know what that pain feels like, and I will live with that for the rest of my life. Rajiv being away has created an emptiness for my husband and I as he is now our only child, but I am more determined than ever to ensure that he remains positive and engages in constructive projects that will benefit him in his future.

Rajiv plans to donate all his gym equipment to the prison. He has a fully-equipped gym, expensive training bikes (one which his dad bought him for Christmas) and table tennis equipment that he will be donating. It is his intention to improve the lives of those around him, wherever he is. In the recent weeks that he spent in prison, he trained the prisoners in the gym and motivated them to improve their health. He managed to get the life-sentenced prisoners who were demotivated and who had lost hope in life, to see how they could improve themselves and their health. He brought a renewed spirit of hope to those who did not have any.

Rajiv has always been a very generous person and we know that this is a phase of his life that will bring good to others as well as to him. He has 6 debit orders that go through his account each month to Greenpeace, the SPCA and for the Husky Organisation. I will be honouring these debit orders. Rajiv’s three huskies are his greatest love and I do hope that he will see them again.

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