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Don Laka Threatens LotusFM & Listeners

South African jazz artist, Don Laka again sparks debate after another controversial Facebook post this time directed at the SABC’s national broadcaster, Lotus FM and their listeners.

don laka

Laka has been vocal in the favour of local content taking primary stage in all spheres of broadcasting. Laka reckons that the issue goes a lot deeper than many of us think saying that as South Africans we’ve lost our identity and, because of this, we’re constantly looking for it in other places.

Laka, who’s the co-founder of record label Kalawa Jazmee, also went on to claim that an estimated 15 000 jobs have been lost in the South African music industry because South African musicians don’t get enough airplay on national radio stations.

Laka explains that the problem with the local music industry is the lack of presence locally, which has led to many

musicians dying as paupers and often living broke.

“Thousands of people have been left jobless and money is constantly leaving South Africa because of the overplaying of international music and this hasn’t been addressed. People need to understand how the music industry works and how big an impact radio airplay has on an artist’s livelihood,” he says.

“The whole country needs a cultural rehabilitation from the top down because the effects of the past are lingering in our minds. We are filled with self-hate. This is why we rehash other people’s cultures and make them ours,” he stated in an interview with Destiny Man last year.

Laka Facebook post directs his comments to LotusFM

lotus fm don laka
Don Laka stirs up conversation on LotusFM


Radio Lotus,you can’t be excluded by wanting to play Bollywood music here.We stopped the out flow of monies to the US,UK and now you think that should go to India?We say NOOOOOO!You need to play SA music,integrate with other cultures of SA,at his fight was not about bringing Apartheid through the back door,but to kill anything related.  Please tow the line and stop with your threats or we will campaign for a total shutdown.

Attempts to contact the musician for further comment is ongoing.

See Don Laka’s post here


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