fall of ganesh
A scene from Sheetal Magan's Durban Film Fest entry, Fall of Ganesh

#SheetalMagan: The Fall Of Ganesh

sheetal magan
Sheetal Magan’s film, ‘The Fall of Ganesh’, is based on a true story. Image Credit: SA Creative Network

South Africa: The Fall of Ganesh is a 24-minute short film that centres on the desire of a young Indian woman, Mira Patel, to host a Diwali dinner to mark a turning point in her life and announce her engagement to her friends and family, said Magan.

“Hosting a Diwali function is a kind of rite of passage signifying womanhood . The dinner leads to a host of unexpected conflicts.

“Mira discovers her father does not approve of her fiance. And her plans are derailed by a violent confrontation with neighbours over a fireworks display.

“This leaves her constantly negotiating new and unexpected spaces to make it through the evening.”

Magan said last year she and her family hosted a Diwali dinner and fireworks display that led to an altercation with neighbours.

The film was shot in Johannesburg as part of a National Film and Video Foundation initiative aimed at developing female filmmakers.

It was produced by Bongiwe Selane and Andrina Moodley. It stars Zakeeya Patel in the lead role as well as Yonda Thomas, Robin Singh and Usha Khan.

“The film is essentially a slice-of-life critique of South African society and the fact that racial tensions still simmer.

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