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#Hlaudi: You Indians Deserve What You Getting

We have a good man, who’s name is Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who is strong, decisive and always available the listeners of Lotus FM and the other listeners of the 17 radio and television stations. He has an exemplary work style and has brought about a new work culture in the SABC studios. He routinely ensures the SABC is the voice of the South African citizen. Mr. Motsoeneng, the SABC COO, has been successful in evoking a sense of patriotism in you.

hlaudi motsoeneng


He doesn’t even have a Matric certificate.

I stand by this as it has been weeks and to date not a single leader of any political party except the Minority Front has confirmed their active lobby for the case of the broadcast reform policy that has been shoved down your 18 radio stations.

Forget thinking about your Bollywood countdown for a second, how bad the music is on Lotus FM and focus your attention to your blue blood of the Democratic Alliance, instead of MP, John Steenhuisen and the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane laying to Zuma at every turn or the ANC who bring water guns into Parliament as gifts to Economic Freedom Front’s MP Julius Malema – what have they done for you as a South African citizen in your moment of crisis now?


Take note I’ve left out the ethnic classification of Indian above, for good reason, you are South African. You were made a South African because you took up arms to a cause that led you out of oppression and race based policy.

The ANC on the other hand, you placed them in power and you have an SABC COO with no Matric to lead the SABC to doom. The puppet of Communication’s Minister Faith Muthambi, whose intelligence seems to be equated to a goldfish, has no cooking clue what she is doing.

ashwin trikamjeeYou have the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, their only activity seems to be to wake up at Diwali to give you a firework display and send you home.

The SA Tamil Federation will awake at Eisteddfod period, release a Tamil calendar and challenge any date for Diwali the Maha Sabha releases and then go back to sleep.

The Islamic organizations fare no better, as they just don’t care by the looks of it too, and while I am on that, Ramadan Mubarak for the forthcoming fasting period.

If you as a South African were genuinely in love with the idea of South Africa, you would protect and uphold the constitutional idea of South Africa, which defines who we are as a people.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation is by far the most important media structure in South Africa. The African National Congress cannot dispute its reach and coverage, which surpasses any other media institution hence the shutdown on coverage of protests.

There was a time the broadcaster was the voice of the people but not anymore.

The Broadcasting Act and the SABC Charter, which summarizes its mandate to “encourage the development of South African expression by providing, in South African official languages, a wide range of programming that:

(a) Reflects South African attitudes, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity;
(b) displays South African talent in education and entertainment programmes;
(c) offers a plurality of views and a variety of news, information and analysis from a South African point of view;
(d) advances the national and public interest.”

This vision was also well expressed by the ANC’s 2012 Policy Document on Communications: “The SABC

should act as a means to reflect the rich South African cultural heritage, provides voice to South Africans to participate in a democratic dispensation as well as acting as an important platform for community involvement, education and entertainment”.

It should also focus on developing previously marginalized languages and our understanding of the lives of people in South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa and the world, empower us to play our role as active global citizens, deepen its accountability to its audiences and to the community, and be free of all direct party political, factional or commercial interests.

The SABC’s ability to deliver on its mandate on editorial policy scored another blow just last week in the case of limiting coverage of protests.

The SABC mandate has been breached, instead of starting with a gradual implementation that works holistically for you the license holder, it seems the SABC is jumping through hoops for the ANC.

It is therefore paradoxical that South African stations are being forced to conform to this SABC’s perverted idea of national pride and patriotism to South African Indians.

Apart from the shocking music you hear on Lotus FM, thank Hlaudi for that, remember apartheid where oppression was rife, the SABC of Hlaudi harasses and assaults anyone different or with a contrarian opinion, and in your lust and endless commentary on social streams, you’ve sat back and let your leaders to champion the cause of bad music on Lotus FM.

By far also do not expect your radio jock on Lotus FM to do anything nor the station manager, they’ve been warned to not participate but remain in favour of Hlaudi’s madness, sing the praises and dance to his tune literally!

Have you seen the Hlaudi shuffle? If you haven’t click here

Which of your political choice on the ballot where you placed them in power has come to your aid? Who has risen to the occasion to garner your vote in the upcoming election? Other than the Minority Front, which has actually come out to state they are actively pursuing the issue. Bear in mind, the political party does not hold a seat in Parliament but they are working on the situation.

You as a South African, as an Indian have forgotten what it is to be oppressed. You deserve what you are getting from not only Hlaudi Motsoeneng but also your political party choice, be it the Democratic Alliance, African National Congress or Minority Front.

You are now in the midst of the apartheid struggle once again. So what are you going to do?

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Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.