Jack Devnarain
Jack Devnarain aka Rajesh on Isidingo

In Search Of The #IndianBlesser

The ‘blesser’ concept known to South Africans, predominantly a scenario where young individuals secure financially generous men/women to sponsor their upmarket lifestyle in exchange for company, sex and other frivolous activity. Hence the hashtag #blessed.

Now, this is not the only ‘blesser’ concept that wafts through South African society – there is one other such ‘blesser.’

What South Africa’s Indians perceive as a ‘Blesser’

The ‘blesser’ concept as known to people of Indian descent, that includes South African Indians, where a deeply religious/spiritual person who is able to confer divine blessings upon anyone either a priest or a deeply spiritual individual that communes with holy spirits.

So, we’ve taken on the task to find #IndianBlesser of the popular kind, yes, if there are any REAL #IndianBlesser’s and their ‘blessee’s’. And apparently, there are quite a few that make the list.

Why did this phenomenon arise? 

The term #blesser emerged from social media trend when several young women posted pictures of themselves shopping overseas, driving expensive cars or wearing expensive clothing. These women would then be #blessed on social media and these recipients are known to be coined the term ‘blessee.’

We have an Indian Blesser on South African television. Yes we’re not joking, here he is also revealing his women.

#SNAPSURVEY: The Top 5 #IndianBlesser Men

According to you the reader this is your choice of #IndianBlesser’s that came up in a snap survey last night with us.

  1. Jack Devnarain: Also known for his role as Rajesh on Isidingo has appeal, being an absolute suave chap with that touch of class that women find appealing.

Neil Ramautar, a popular Durban socialite has appeal to both men & women is considered a choice of being a ‘Blesser’. Living the high life with a very expensive taste, check him out on Instagram or watch his interview with Varshan Sookhun here which pretty much sums up his success which he works hard for. 

Logie Naidoo: Shot to fame South Africa, as the popular celebrity to officiate numerous openings also well known for his taste in expensive suits.

Ziyaad Nanabhay: A recent entry into the taste appeal is businessman Ziyaad Nanabhay who made headlines with being the man with the most expensive suit in Africa. Here you see him below in the suit that costs 1 million rands. Click here to check out a recent article we published on Nanabhay.

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The #IndianBlesser defined

Watch this video where South Africa’s local rapper, Adrenalin who gives us an idea into the ‘blesser’ levels and also admits that he too is an #IndianBlesser. Get up to speed on the 7 types/levels of ‘blesser’ and this is his version of what the #IndianBlesser is.

Facebook and Twitter Trolling

Let us introduce you to the Blesser Finder, with over 67,000 likes, the page services the needs of both the ‘Blesser’ and ‘Blessee.’ Find the link at the bottom of this article.

And it did not take me too long to find this

and this I cannot dispute and I am sure that Lotus FM’s news guy, Sareshen Pillay will agree on this as well…

and it seems that there is preference to be owned by an Indian ‘blesser’

Source Inputs: Twitter, Facebook, Rapper Adrenalin

Visit the Blesser Finder click here

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