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Hlaudi Motsoeneng: His Message To SA Indians

Last week Saturday, SABC COO, Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng was interviewed by Newsbreak Lotus FM regarding the 90% local music policy as part of their broadcast reform strategy.

We extracted 14 quotes from Motsoeneng for you. Your comments are welcome.

Hlaudi Lotus FM
Image Credit: TimesLIVE
  1. Let me correct you first you started by saying the majority are unhappy about the move that we have taken, that comment is misleading, let me put it clear, the majority are very excited about playing local content in SA. We have been monitoring intnl. broadcasters, people are very happy that really SA is moving on.
  2. If you watch China television, for example, you realize people are happy inAfrica.
  3. So I don’t want people of the SABC, especially you,  as a person of the SABC you have such a comment because you don’t have evidence on what you are saying. So I don’t think we should allow that to happen within the organization. 
  4. It must happen! We are not negotiating, on this matters, that is what we are going to do.
  5. We are not here to play games.
  6.  Adhere to the policy of SABC and adhere to the rainbow nation of Nelson Mandela.
  7. I want to see a change within the SABC. The majority of soapies should be produced by Indians. –  It is just not about music.
  8. Unfortunately we are not gonna change. It is 90%.There is no change. 
  9. This is SA, South Africans are not Indians only, All of us are South Africans. 
  10. Indian community who don’t accept it. They should just move on. 
  11. The community of Indians should be very proud we are looking after them.
  12. I listen to Indian music, I listen to LotusFM. I’m very excited when I hear this music. 
  13. Indians: Move away from tribalism thinking. We think about the nation. We think as South Africans. 
  14. This is the first radio station where I hear people opposing 90% music. And why you have Lotus being so vocal?

Listen to the full interview of Hlaudi Motsoeneng on Newsbreak Lotus FM right here, click here

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