New Delhi, India, September 13,2010 - Gati's program director Mandeep Raikhy teaches a morning class at their Studio. The Gati Forum is a cooperative of choreographers experimenting with the traditional and contemporary notations of Indian dance. Photo by: Sami Siva / The Caravan

#LocalArtists: We Want To Talk To You

Performing artists do just what they advertise: they perform. Whether it’s live or on film or video, they act, sing, play music, dance, tell jokes, or otherwise entertain us. While other artists, such as writers, sculptors, or painters, are focused on creating or producing things like short stories or paintings, performing artists channel their talents into performances that entertain, amuse, provoke, and delight.

#LocalArtists: We want to talk to you! Get in touch with us, let us brag about you and your amazing talent! Download our QnA and let’s SPICE you up!


In performance art, the artist’s medium is the body, and the live actions he or she performs are the work of art. The term, used loosely at first, arose in the early 1960s as American practitioners sought a way to refer to and describe the many live events taking place at that time. Performance art usually consists of four elements: time, space, the performer’s body, and a relationship between audience and performer.

Traditionally, the work is interdisciplinary, employing some other kind of visual art, video, sound, or props.

Download our QnA and let’s SPICE you up!

We’re going to mix it up and roundup interdisciplinary art folk, who lean on everything from film to Twitter to perform, giving you ample ways to appreciate their work. Onward!


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