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#PravinGordhan: Citizens Protect The Treasury

Daily Maverick Associate editor, Ranjeni Munusamy says that South Africa should be concerned that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has appealed to citizens to protect the National Treasury.

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Gordhan says he is disturbed to see attacks on individuals and state institutions that are meant to uphold democracy.

This comes after the Sunday Times reported that the Hawks want the minister to be prosecuted for espionage, related to the controversial Sars spy unit.

In a two-page statement, Gordhan says no one should be subjected to the manipulation of the law for ulterior motives.

According to Munusamy, the statement is carefully phrased and filled with desperate language.

She quotes from the statement, which she says signals harassment and impediment of the work of the National Treasury.

He’s using the word ‘subversion of democracy’. That’s extremely worrying and it should send a chill down our spines to read something like that coming from the finance minister.

Ranjeni Munusamy, Associate editor at the Daily Maverick

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