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Restrict Bollywood Releases In SA: Will SABC Follow?

South African Bollywood & Hollywood fans are to feel the pinch of the SABC broadcast reform policy in the

coming year or even shorter period. Where South Africa hosts the biggest population concentration of Indians out of India, the Indian cinema business can expect to be impacted by their movies being restricted on being released in South Africa.

While Bollywood films regularly do good business in South Africa being screened at Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro & Avalon theatres, there’s a fear as well that they may eat into the business of local film & music industry which is now experiencing a renaissance thanks to the SABC’s policy of 90% local across the board.

Another suspicious comment that was made on the Newsbreak Lotus FM show this past weekend should concern South Africans.  SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng alluded to Chinese television projecting the concept that South Africans are ‘happy’. Why did Motsoeneng make reference to Chinese television as an example?

This can only allude to in addition to promoting homegrown cinema, the SABC also potentially has another objective: to promote content from China over other foreign media.

local music

What India and Pakistan are working towards?

For example, Indian producers are calling for a similar stance in India to restrict foreign movies being released in India. Speaking at a promotional event, Kumar of T-Series, was of the opinion that the number of foreign films released in India should be limited.

“English movies releasing in India should be confined to a certain number. With X-Men: Apocalypse releasing on the same day we may have a tough competition. But each of these two movies have their own niche audience, so there’s not much to worry about,” he said, according to The Indian Express. A similar call in Pakistan called for the restriction of Bollywood movies in the country to boost local content revenue in 2009.

Can South Africa follow suit amidst the furore of the #localmusic controversy where SABC has across the board has implemented the 90% local content as part of its broadcasting reform policy. 

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