Don Laka

This Is What Don Laka Had To Say About Indians

Don Laka has yet again shared his opinion of South African Indians, this is another controversial Facebook post this time directed at Lotus FM and Indians. According to Laka, Indians are not part of the good history of South Africa.

This is what Laka had to say

Don Laka I don’t want to deal with indian minorities,as if they are not part of this country, we have Vhenda ,Tsonga,Khoi-Khoi and other minorities,..if the indian community don’t want to integrate we will continue to have racial problems we witnessed earlier.  Radio RSG have no problem playing Mandoza,why should Lotus have the problem unless, its listenership is full of racists who won’t mix with the rest of us,Then thats a big problem right there.

Don Laka

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