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Multichoice Joins SABC On Content Censorship

MultiChoice doesn’t give a damn about censoring LGBT shows

MambaOnline has taken Multichoice to task following the censorship of transgender personalty’s show, I Am Cait. African broadcaster, MultiChoice has finally responded to Mambaonline’s concerns over the removal of Caitlyn Jenner’s show I Am Cait from its schedule – and the response from Multichoice leaves much to be desired.

The South African-owned pay-TV company had blocked all its viewers across the continent, including in South Africa, from watching the show due to a regulatory breach on Nigerian broadcasting due to censorship.

I am Cait

It is apparent that Multichoice is critically concerned on losing out on one of the biggest market of viewers but more so Multichoice did not challenge this demand from Nigerian authorities.

Mambaonline, South African LGBT digital news source had submitted a series of questions to MultiChoice seeking clarity on the issue. These included:

  • Has MultiChoice taken any action (appeals / legal action) to oppose the directives from the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to remove I Am Cait?
  • Has MultiChoice publicly condemned efforts to remove the show from its schedule as being discriminatory, a form of censorship and anti-democratic?
  • As a South African-based company do you feel you have any obligation to uphold South Africa’s constitutional values?
  • What is MultiChoice’s stance towards the issue of LGBT equality in Africa?
  • Does the removal of the show mean that all Africans (including South Africans) are now subject to the whims of Nigerian viewers / censors?
  • How will MultiChoice ensure that democratic countries like South Africa are not impacted by other nations’ bigotry and censorship in its scheduling / broadcasts?

Mambaonline received this shoddy response from MultiChoice on Tuesday with this terse and, quite frankly, pathetic response:

“E! Entertainment is a channel we share across many African territories, including Nigeria. The Nigerian Regulator has advised MultiChoice that the programme I Am Cait transgresses its regulatory code, which is why the series had to be removed from the channel. MultiChoice however still provides a large variety of entertaining and educational programming, and continuously strives to appeal to every lifestyle through its diversity of content.”

Source: Mambaonline

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