john abraham varun dhawan

John or Varun who looks sexier in underwear?

This question is a must before we start discussing the proverbial andar (underwear) ki baat! So what are the must haves to sport an underwear as fabulously as these two hunks do? The answer is quite simple. You have to have an impressive….err package! Well, by ‘package’ we mean one must have a healthy combination of the following elements–a hot bod (read: preferably chiseled one), six packs, pert bottom et al! But above all an attitude that goes well with the way you pose, especially when you are showing your skin, is a must.

john abraham varun dhawan

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Ever since the trailer of Dishoom is out, ladies are drooling over the frame in which Johny boy and Varun Dhawan are seen wearing trunks (undies  or the mix of both, u decide!) We could not find a better occasion than this to give you the lowdown on the classic moments when our dishy dudes decided to strip. Take a look at these visual treats and tell us who has it better in him to flaunt it in the sexier way!

john abraham

Who said that only our famme fatal can emerge out of turquoise blue waters and shine sexily! Varun Dhawan challenged the norm by wearing itsy bitsy tiny shorts and went on to give us a peek of his butt crack in Karan Johar’s candy floss college drama Student Of The Year! The boy certainly knows how to push boundaries in terms of….u know what we mean right?

varun dhawan

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