woolworth mouse pie

Woolworths: Mouse found in pie

A woman from Manenberg in Cape Town found a mouse in a steak and kidney pie she bought from Woolworths in Adderley Street, Cape Town.

woolworth mouse pie

“I was in town to visit my friend and I said to her I lus (I am in the mood) for a mutton curry and a steak and kidney from Woolworths,” Pienaar said.

“My friend bought a chicken and mushroom pie and then we went to the Plaza to sit down and eat.”

But… she bit into a not so delicious surprise.

“I didn’t take the pie out of the packet, but I knew something was wrong because it didn’t feel or taste right. And when I broke the pie open I saw the mouse,” she said.

Woolworths need to label their products properly. It should say, Steak and Kidney and Mouse Pie!

Source: ViralBru

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