Hlaudi Motsoeneng Declares War On Lotus FM


Durban: Hlaudi Motsoeneng kicked off his engagement meeting with artists in Durban today at the Playhouse Theatre.  Attendees were noted singing praise songs as SABC COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng took to the podium.  Motsoeneng has commented focus on Lotus FM, it is unclear exactly what he intends to shake up at the indian lifestyle ethnic based station.

This also indicates how Motsoeneng conducts business at the SABC by throwing these threats in the public domain prior to consulting with the station on what exactly he feels that is not being achieved with this broadcast reform policy.

The SABC COO has been quoted on his intent of focussing attention on the management of Lotus FM as they are not representing the South African Indian

community at large.  The SABC COO’s threat as such also replicates in Don Laka’s statement on the demise of Lotus FM went viral the past2 weeks.

Don Laka: ‘Radio Lotus,you can’t be excluded by wanting to play Bollywood music here.We stopped the out flow of monies to the US, UK and now you think that should go to India? We say NOOOOOO! You need to play SA music, integrate with other cultures of SA, at his fight was not about bringing Apartheid through the back door, but to kill anything related.  Please tow the line and stop with your threats or we will campaign for a total shutdown.’

 This follows after Lotus FM listeners took to social media to share their opinion on Motsoeneng’s broadcast reform strategy which does not fare well with the future of the station only regurgitating local music. 

#KZNBriefing: Hlaudi “We need to zoom in zoom in to Lotus FM management because they don’t represent Indian community as a whole”

hlaudi praise song
Image Credit: TimesLIVE

hlaudi lotus fm

@Lotusfm has to play all types of SA music #Hlaudi #Kznbriefing



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