Indians: We’ve Been Betrayed By Sellouts!

Listeners of Lotus FM and others within the community have taken to social media since Friday afternoon sharing their disgust and anger at Indians who attended the SABC meeting and backed Motsoeneng.

Branding them ‘sellouts’ only bent on ensuring that they are in line to secure contracts with SABC and not be sidelined for supporting the call for an adjustment to the 90/10 quota.

SABC Chief Operating Officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng rocked up at KZN’s Durban Playhouse Theatre to address local artists and other industry players that have been lured with the bait of benefits from the SABC broadcast reform strategy that he launched over a month ago.

The near empty auditorium echoed with the praises of Hlaudi Motsoeneng, in attendance of a few so called ‘industry bigwigs’.  There were also some who were present as just ‘concerned citizens’ who witnessed the Emperor with no clothes being lauded as the man who’s set to change their lives.

Motsoeneng reiterated that the public broadcaster’s radio stations have to play 90 percent South

African music.

“All of us who live in South Africa we should talk about South Africa, we should eat South Africa, we should sing South Africa. I am appealing to all South Africans to support us because people won’t see the results maybe now but they will see the results  when we move on because if you are saying that we do not have dramas here, we do not have people who can do this, when are we going to produce such people in South Africa. When you go outside the country they do not play our music,” says Motsoeneng.

Sellout or Saviors?

Amongst the collective of artists, producers and other aspiring creatives present at the engagement meeting was prominent Durban artists, Prabhu Nepal and Segai Kiston. The hopes of many that expected the Lotus FM quota was to be raised was not the case. The Indian community’s hope of having a challenge raised against the 90/10 quota that has been imposed on Lotus FM were snuffed.

Indian producers and creatives at the meeting crafted the illusion that they spoke for the greater Indian community stating that the SABC 90/10 policy and its other reforms were accepted fully by all.

This is what transpired giving the SABC COO Motsoeneng, ample ground to stand unchallenged.  By remaining silent on the Indian agenda to look at acceptable reform options, Motsoeneng now has additional PR content to add to his manifesto, that Indians are supporting the SABC decision.

Time to set an example at Lotus FM

A sense of disillusion and loss of positive morale has swamped majority of employees within the camps of the broadcaster’s stations. With King Motsoeneng’s wail against Lotus FM’s management in a public forum yet again displays the arrogance and lack of professional ethics in dealing with his subjects fairly.

As reported on Friday, the SABC COO had set his targets on the management of Lotus FM with this statement as he focussed his attention on station manager, Alvin Pillay.  Could this be the end of Pillay’s tenure at the station?

“We need to zoom in zoom in to Lotus FM management because they don’t represent Indian community as a whole” Hlaudi Motsoeneng, SABC COO #KZNBriefing:

Motsoeneng is yet to receive an education of what he refuses to accept  – that the Indian minority of South Africa are committed to change but a gradual development of the local arts ranging from dance, acting, production and music.

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