Are You Ready For Sardines?!

sardinesThe annual Sardine Run has begun, all beaches will remain open for bathing and shark safety equipment will remain in place. The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Head of Operations, Mike Anderson-Reade, said the sighting was made during their second observation flight on Thursday.

“The first signs of increased sardine-associated activity were seen off the Eastern Cape coast in the area between Coffee Bay and Hole in the Wall, about 140km south of Durban,” said Anderson-Reade.

This included hundreds of Cape gannets diving and sitting on the water surface, as well as an abundance of common dolphins.

“This area of fairly intense activity stretches for about 10km. There were no visible signs of shoals of sardines, but the feeding activity of both the gannets and dolphins suggests that there are fish in the area,” he said.

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sardine run

He also confirmed that a strategy for net removal ahead of the sardine run had been agreed with the Hibiscus Coast municipality.

“Due to the province’s moderate winter climate, both visitors and local communities are able to enjoy the beaches throughout the year.

“The Sharks Board will continue to closely monitor sardine activity and remove or replace shark safety gear as required,” he said.

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