LISTEN: Indians Not Alone, Hlaudi Gets WHIPPED!

Hlaudi Motsoeneng received a severe a tongue lashing this morning when callers on a popular radio show called him a illiterate dictator who needs to be locked away.

Callers rang up The Forum at 8 hosted by Sakina Kamwendo on SAfm earlier today after the show’s host asked for their views on the SABC COO’s decision to ban all violent public protest footage on all SABC channels. They didn’t hold back at all.

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“I want to tell him [Motsoeneng] that this is now plain dictatorship, he can’t do that, that is a public broadcaster, it is not his own private property,” said Congress of The People’s (COPE) Dennis Bloom. “The apartheid government also tried to suppress people in the very same way but we are free today [sic].”

“Dennis Bloom is confused always,” Motsoeneng replied. “We’re not dealing with politics here, we’re dealing with reality…SABC we are a public broadcaster, we’re guided by the editorial policy of the SABC, we are guided by the Broadcasting Act.”

“SABC can’t act like any media and we’re not in competition with any media… You can’t compare a democratical (sic) country and an apartheid country, those are two different matters.” he added.

Listen as Motsoeneng received a whipping from SAFM listeners

Motsoeneng said that while the public has a right to protest, the SABC will not place cameras and journalists at the scenes of violent protests as this encourages protesters to act out to send a message.

“This guy, he must be declared as the worst wonder of this world…this must be declared…he must be really, you know thrown away and be locked somewhere, he’s a disaster,” a caller named Xolani said.

A caller named Thapelo said the public broadcaster should bring in someone who is literate to take over key positions such as COO, alluding to Mostoeneng’s lack of a matric qualification.

“Literate thinking doesn’t pass what you call definite statements, unquestionable statements…the COO is showing a weakness [sic],” he said.

From the sounds of things, Motsoeneng got a bit agitated with a question directed at him by Kamwendo him when he subtly reprimanded her and other SABC employees/journalists for how they handle public views on the matter.

Kamwendo had asked whether or not the SABC had been contravening the Broadcasting Act during all the years it had been showing violent protests, seeing as Motsoeneng and the SABC keeps saying that they’re following its stipulations.

“Sakina, you must know as an SABC employee and when you talk there, you need to talk as an SABC employee,” Mostoeneng replied. “What I mean in this is, read the editorial policy, you as SABC people you need to know what the editorial policy is saying. And it is important for you as journalists of the SABC to represent the public, to represent the SABC.”

Motsoeneng had to pull out of the interview before the segment was over, but that didn’t stop callers from airing their frustrations.

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